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$ 5,000

MY DIRECT PHONE LINE IS +229 989 313 56
Email:(wester_un1@qatar.i o)
========================= ========================= ==========

Information reaching us from our corporate headquarters now, states that you only have 24hours to effect payment for the activation of your MTCN to enable you cash up your first $5,000:00 from your total (fund) since you are finding it difficult to make this payment we have decided that you are to go ahead and pay whatever you have for the activation fee since you are not able to come up with the required sum, time is of the essence here. You are to pay whatever you have from $68 up for the activation fee; we will activate your MTCN upon receipt of this payment.

HERE IS YOUR Available for pick up by receiver BELOW.
Sender name:Abala Samson
Test question:Trust
Test answer:Trust

Be informed that you will have to pay the balance sum of your activation upon cashing up of your first 5,000:00USD, also i am using this medium to inform you that failure to pay the balance sum will leave us with no option but to deactivate your MTCN of which you will and can never cash up the balance sum
I want you to send the renewing and transfer fee with the information bellow.

1. Receiver name: EMENEKA CHRISTAN
2. Country:........Benin Republic
3. City:...........Cotonou
4. Test Question: Trust
5. Test Answer: Trust

Send us the MTCN number immediately you send the money and immediately we confirm the transfer fee we will send you the first receipt of your $5000 today and not tomorrow.
MR.Douglas Hall

test activation mtcn balance payment receipt information cash whatever transfer

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